We Killed Amy Winehouse

The big fat Greek question remains –

If you are the bodyguard walking into her room on a Saturday afternoon, how can you be sure that  the stench of death and vodka and the sight of Amy Winehouse lying motionless on the floor is anything other than business as usual? We’re not taking about Jennifer Aniston here amirite?

TASTELESS (!) I hear you scream. Let’s lower that bar first and then proceed with my argument.

It's all about perspective

Glorifying her lifestyle by leaving alcohol as tribute (<< link) is far more tasteless than a comedian being crass. It only gives license to deluded 16 year old starlets to binge and purge in the name of their “art”. It only serves to uphold the narrative that an exquisite talent – or the belief that you possess it – gives you a free pass to live by a separate set of rules.  Down some Goose like it’s water, smoke crack off a junkie’s festering ass-wound and turn your veins into a heroine deployment network – it’s all good as long as you’re blessed with the voice of an angel. Most of us would never make the same choices as a Winehouse or a Cobain, yet we continue to promote it amongst those prone to the intoxicating allure of fame and attention. Why would anyone change their ways when it rakes in millions of shekels and the adulation of the masses?

As long as there’s a catchy beat and juicy gossip, who cares that a parent might lose their child. We all need collective rehab.

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