In Defence of Digital Life

Documenting your life is cathartic.

To those who sneer at the pathological chronicling of every step of daily life – be it meaningless status updates about breakfast, an endless barrage of self portraits in the same basement apartment with slightly different touch ups, or what have you – I say have a boneless chicken sandwich, ol’ timer.

Documenting a life can be cathartic (callback to title, booya). The internet is forever, we all say, and capturing the mundane details in the age of instant retrieval helps those of us with a weak grasp on reality and identity to create a personal narrative. Yes I’m saying it like it’s a good thing. Leaving behind a piece of ourselves is a fundamental trait of being human, even if many of us abuse that instinct with pictures of omelettes.

I didn’t say it’s gonna be a GOOD defense. You’re reading a free blog after all.

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