Offended By A Joke? Shut Your Stupid Self Righteous Face

EDIT: I have changed my stance since the writing of this post with an explanation here (“Man I Love Your Rape Joke”)

We get it, you’re not a rapist. You’ve never been molested, never been overweight, never been Jewish. You don’t know jackshit about abortion and it’s consequences because you use protection even when you jerk off. So you LMFAO when you hear that joke about an Israeli abortion doctor who raped a fat pedophile.

But god forbid someone makes a joke that hits close to home. Something you relate to. Then it’s Not Funny. Then it’s your right to stand up to the standup and interrupt their set because your brother is autistic and THAT’S. NOT. FUNNY.

Here come the status updates and tweets about sensitivity towards children and muslims and the handicapped. Telling people you hate rape jokes is the same as donating time and money to a rape crisis center, amirite?

Fuck you, you selfish pile of regurgitated shit. We see smug self righteous preachers like you every night. If you’re such a white knight, why weren’t you outraged by ALL the ‘offensive’ material? Catholics have feelings too, as do Telemarketers, Asians and Fatties(tm). You probably shit your lily white pants laughing at their expense, so shut the fuck up when I roast your retarded cousin.

Standup comedy is one of the last bastions of free speech (I’m getting so sick of saying this every week) and you came to the show of your own volition. So if you laugh at the rest of the world’s pain, and whine when it’s your turn, go back to your tightly-wound hellhole of a life and sulk by yourself.