SOPA – Why America Should Not Be In Charge Of Shit Anymore

Fucking motherfuckers. Here’s comes SOPA, about to break the internet.

The Stop Online Piracy Act will block LEGAL sites for a few infringing links, EVEN IF IT WAS USER POSTED CONTENT. So, if you post a link to illegal material in my comments section, my site will be blacklisted. Maybe my site isn’t the shining paragon of virtue, but this will apply to almost all your favourite sites (one of which is clearly this one. Please say yes, my ego is fragile).


The ultimate goal is to turn the Internet into TV, because the cost of maintaining 100% authenticity to avoid Big Brother shutting you down will be too much for startups. Media companies can afford a few hundred G’s a month to manage the trolls in their forums, but you can’t. Your site about basket weaving in the summer to Kenny G in the background will get shut the hell down if I post a link to an episode of Community hosted on a Taiwanese site.

Maybe this image is being distributed illegally, but all 569 words in this post are legit.

If the US adopts this policy, then not only will they be using the same methods as China, Iran and Syria, their precedent setting status means that this level of censorship will become the GLOBAL standard. That includes Canada.

Fucking FUCK. Why is the US allowed to set the precedent for anything anymore? They can’t even keep their own shit together much less dictate policy to 24 other countries that are better at math and 17 others that are better at science. Have you seen them lately? Of course you have, 1 in 3 Americans are visible from space, their politicians make mobsters look away in disgust, and their private sector will rape anything that breathes. Why do they get to hold the world hostage so often? First it was the Tea Party that almost imploded the world economy with uncompromising positions on the debt-ceiling debacle championed by their lackeys in power – Cantor and Boehner – then the abhorrent assault on global decency by letting Jersey Shore invade Italy, and now THIS.

Get your shit together or GTFO the planet.