Occupiers Under Attack – Are You Happy Nao?

Occupy Toronto’s eviction brought out a surprisingly vocal cheer amongst a surprisinglier (shutup) large segment of the population. Even a card carrying cynic and outspoken critic of People like me was left largely stupefied. What exactly are you happy about? Let’s deconstruct this argument. This might be fallout from my artsy-chick phase.

If you think you have it tough, it’s worse almost everywhere else. Yes, and your point is? Fighting to halt the slow but steady erosion of your quality of life is a bad thing? Canada IS awesome, but if you deny that there’s a persistent push in the wrong direction then you’re ignorant, deluded, oblivious, or all of the above. I didn’t say retarded, because retarded people can see it. They’re often victims of this sort of government and they’re not blind. Warrantless Online Surveillance, super jails, punishing domestic pot growers harder than child abusers, all while CRIME RATES ARE DOWN, and now allying with Monsanto(are you fucking SERIOUS), these sound like Canadian values to you?

Below – this isn`t so bad eh?


These ‘spoiled brats’, anarchists and hippies are clearly smarter than you.They oppose the direction Canada is heading in and if you pull your head out of your ass for 2 minutes you’ll see it too. Having a better life is why people live here, and there’s nothing wrong in dreaming big and wanting the best for everyone. If you prefer the noble struggles of the oppressed in other lands, you’re free to go and shit in a hole in the ground and pat yourself on your shirtless back. The rest would rather fight to preserve what’s right in the world.