“Indie Artists Can Suck It” – Facebook’s New Fan Page Rules

Facebook Fan Pages are now essentially another form of targeted paid advertising.

If you’re a fan of Stone Temple Pilots you probably”Liked” their Fanpage as I did. Ideally you’d like to keep abreast of their tour dates and other goings-on, but you don’t obsessively check their page or comment on every thread.

This makes you a passive fan, and therefore YOU WILL NOT SEE THEIR POSTS in your newsfeed.

Not unless STP pays Facebook PER FAN PER POST. If they post their tour dates as a Status Update, and want all 1.47 million FB fans to see it in their feed, they must pay facebook a certain $ amount for EACH FAN. Not once, but EVERY TIME they post something. Because fuck you, how dare you want to know about things without someone paying for it.

A massively successful rock band could actually afford this, but your local band or stand up comedian cannot. You may have seen this really funny brown guy perform in Toronto, and liked him enough to look him up on FB and click Like (we know it’s a chore), so his insights and/or creepy posts show up on your news-feed.┬áBut that won’t happen because he can’t shell out the kind of cash needed to deliver his clever musings to you, a new fan.

Soon you’ll forget his page along with dozens others. You don’t get to follow a new interest and many indie artists lose a vital promotional tool. Everyone loses, except for the big guns who can afford it.

Facebook is no longer an even playing field. Fuck you guys, seriously.

P.s I don’t have a Fan page, but it’s a matter of principle. And ranting is fun too.