Muslims Don’t Wear Turbans & It’s Our Fault That You Didn’t Know (srsly)


Did you know:

Sikhs have been in the USA since the late 1800’s?

They just celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the first Sikh temple built in the US?

They match their Turbans and Ties in bitchin’ colour schemes?


I didn’t know any of the above, and I consider myself  to be a culturally savvy d-bag.

I’ll bet 10 million Martian dollars that neither did you, and herein lies the real problem that plagues most immigrant groups. It’s something we are guilty of perpetuating ourselves.

Why don’t people know that Muslims don’t wear Turbans?

Having been in North America for over a century, why does CNN need to run an article titled “Who Are Sikhs?”

Why are people of all colours, shapes and lactose-tolerances completely unaware of this ancient religion?

Because as immigrants, we all spend a small fortune to relocate to the west, only to create Little India and Little Somalia and Little Taliban in every fucking city we go. We shop in our own stores, refuse to learn proper English, bitch about the “ways of the west” and try to impose the laws and traditions WE LEFT BEHIND onto our adopted homelands.  We wall ourselves in like the Mongols are coming.

The result of this insulation is GENERAL PUBLIC APATHY. When we live almost exclusively in Brampton or Jackson Heights or Southall, we become Harpinder – that dude you only see at work because he spends all his time with his own people. His tragedy is shocking and saddening, but it lacks longevity because he’s not Harpinder the crazy mofo who had my back against 2 bouncers that time at Tequila Bookworm.

The result?

The news coverage of this tragedy will pass by in record time. The majority of the outrage is intellectual, not emotional. It is tragic yes, but it won’t get nearly the same coverage as Colorado, because almost everyone who isn’t Sikh doesn’t have an emotional stake in this. This would be true whether the victims were Sikh, Bengali or cat-people.

There will be Facebook memes and Twitter trends for a few days, which is pretty much the bottom rung on the ladder of Giving Two Shits. Then poof! the Kardashians would have fucked another professional athlete and everyone will drop the facade.

Forcing teens to sit through 2 hours of Cultural Awareness in high school won’t help anyone understand anything. That’s just an invitation for more violence. It’s time to grow a pair and integrate, without fearing the terrible influence of the West. It’s time to assimilate and accept the other. Let’s start with a doughnut. Those are delish.

Assimilation = Emotional Investment = Justice = Peace

*I’m not Sikh nor religious, I wrote in first person as an immigrant.