Gun Control Does Not Work

Please think clearly. Gun control laws DO NOT affect gun-related crimes. Mental health programs do, anti-bullying programs do. Even a weekly game of soccer for troubled & disenfrachised youth goes a long way towards bringing potential shooters back into society. Gun control stops shootings like the drug war stops me from smoking weed.

How much are you willing to bet that Ryan Lanza, the shooter, was mentally ill? As of this post, there’s no information about this guy, but I’ll take my chances.

You want this to stop? Elect politicians who will invest in youth. Today if you’re bullied, mentally ill, abused, discarded or otherwise dislocated from society, you have a choice between prison or the streets. If in your ill mind you decide that a mass shooting is your only recourse, IT WONT MATTER IF YOU CANNOT BUY A LEGAL GUN.

You can stop the shooter, you can’t make guns disappear.┬áInvest in social programs to stop the next Ryan Lanza.