Proper Breakup Technique

The Completely Foolproof Guide To Breaking Up With A Girl

Taoism states that the ultimate action is through inaction. It states you have achieved perfection when you produce results without making any effort.


TL;DR: if you need to break up, make her do it.

There is no shortage of literature, videos or mentors teaching guys how to pick up any girl they desire. There are TV shows, interviews, movies and countless magazines promising you an unending vagina buffet, claiming you can get a girl’s number in 3 minutes while asking you to pay thousands of dollars for a questionable 2 day boozefest comprehensive weekend workshop (msg for details).

If I can do her so can you! For a small fee. Results may vary

What is not so well documented is that a lot of guys actually get results from their efforts. They get BETTER and they get better FAST; former virgins quickly learn that it really does smell like fish and taste like chicken. But there is one lesson that their education didn’t cover: what to do when the sex gets stale.

Let’s face it – you didn’t talk to her because she makes you smile, you picked her up ‘cos you wanted a specific type of girl: smoking hot & formerly unattainable. If it wasn’t her it would be the next clone. And after you’ve had your fill of the punani salad, you eventually come to realize that no matter how hot she looks in those short-shorts, you just can’t handle her shit anymore . Well congratulations young grasshopper – you have achieved Ultimate Enlightenment.

Remember, the key is to understand one of the underlying Zen principles of seduction – if you bedded her with Yin, you can be rid of her with Yang ™.

If you want to make the situation completely intolerable, you can’t just be an asshole. Many chicks dig that, and that’s probably how you landed Bleachie McStreaky in the first place. No, young Padawan, you must focus on the OPPOSITE of what you did. If you invaded her capital by being a jerk, play a clingy pushover who’d rather talk endlessly about his feelings; if you bombed her babymaker through displays of money and style, then a few missed showers and half-dozen bus rides to the movies should do the trick. No girl wants to sleep with a broke, unambitious pothead with zero prospects, so unleash that time-tested missile and vegetate for a few weeks – unless you’re sleeping with a stoner chick in which case one Celine Dion song will suffice.

Godspeed my comrades. May all your relationships end on schedule.